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You can listen to "Warm Blood" here. It doesn't get much more positive than a song about paying your dues and gaining success. You can listen to "On Top of the World" here. Maybe you want to take things back to a classic.

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What better way to do that than with an infectious, bubbly upbeat song from the '80s? The song was written for Katrina and the Waves' debut album in The electronic pop song has the perfect subtle buildup Greenberg is talking about as it starts off with a violin before easing into a keyboard and vocals. The music video even starts with someone gently waking up from a slumber.

You can listen to Jaehn's remix of "Ain't Nobody" here. We recommend watching the music video which goes from black and white to full color over the course of the song.

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You can listen to "Come and Get It" here. If you want something a little lighter and enjoy jazz, this is for you. Jazz singer and musical prodigy Esperanza Spalding winds things down with a melody as heavenly as the way in which she carries her voice throughout the nearly five-minute track.

There aren't a lot of lyrics in Smith's song — they mostly consist of "I don't have money on my mind" and "I do it for the love" — but the light tempo and melody are calming.

Wake me up before you go go

Steinfeld's song sends a positive message about having confidence in and loving yourself, sending positive vibes to get your day off to a perfect start. It sounds like it would make sense for a song called "Wake Up" to be on a list of songs to help you start your day. This is the first of two songs with similar titles to make the list. If the song sounds familiar it's because you may recognize the indie rock song from the movie, "Where the Wild Things Are. We recommend watching the music video with calming shades of purple, blue, and pink with people painted into the background of different rooms.

They are released by the pituitary gland as part of the? So what these new findings suggest is that even when asleep, the body apparently has a finely tuned way of preparing itself for the stress of getting up.


Before midnight lights-out on two of the nights, subjects were told that they would be woken at 9am - what the researchers called the? On the other night they were informed that the wake up call would come at 6am? On one of the long sleep nights, however, subjects were woken, not at 9am as they were expecting, but at 6am,?

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  6. During all this the researchers took blood samples every 15 minutes to investigate the subjects? In all the situations, hormone concentrations remained similar until around 4. Thereafter, however, differences began to emerge. When anticipating being woken up at 6am, subjects showed a distinct increase in adrenocorticotrophin levels within the last hour before waking compared with under surprise conditions,?

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    Which indicates that anticipation, a trait generally thought to be a unique characteristic of conscious action, pervades sleep. But in addition to providing? For in these trials the researchers found a temporary increase in the concentrations of adrenocorticotropin and cortisol, which peaked about 30 minutes after subjects had been wrenched from sleep.

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    Small wonder most of us hate mornings. Reprints and Permissions.

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    Abdulla, S. Wake me up before you go go. Nature doi Download citation.

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