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We'll head to Iceland one day to check out fjords when we're not travelling on a backpacking budget! The one time we did eat out in Queenstown was when I spotted some pictures of Bespoke Kitchen's vegan breakfasts on Instagram. They looked amazing and I knew that we couldn't skip it so we went out for brunch on our last morning. We both ordered the pancakes and got a matcha latte and a green juice to share. We also couldn't resist grabbing a chocolate muffin topped with chia jam. We'd read rave reviews of the pancakes online and they certainly didn't disappoint. These were some high end pancakes, thick and fluffy and topped with all sorts of deliciousness including poached spiced apples, coconut whipped cream, raspberry chia jam, seeds, and freeze dried berries with a mini jug of maple syrup on the side.

I could have done without the seeds I hate seeds! Labels: adventure , New Zealand , Restaurant Review. When Nick and I arrived on the South Island we were both feeling a little lost, we hadn't had time to sit down and plan our South Island road trip at all and we had no idea where we were headed - just that we had a car and the freedom to go anywhere. The very first thing that we spotted as we were checking into our hostel was a flyer for tours of a peanut butter factory! That was clearly a sign and we were sold. I was on the phone booking our spots in seconds.

Coincidentally someone I knew from Brighton was in the area housesitting so we hooked up with her and her husband and headed to the Pic's factory in Nelson the very next day. Labels: adventure , cooking , New Zealand.

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This years fest' was quieter and a lot more chilled there were very minimal fireworks this time around and no large processions because the country was still in mourning for the king so my blog post is going to be more laid back too. Like her I'm going to focus on my very favourite eats of 's festival rather than posting every single thing I ate because that might be a little overwhelming!

Without further ado, here are my Phuket Vegetarian Festival Faves. Favourite Stall - The faux meat place on the corner About halfway up Ranong Road on the left if you're coming from the roundabout is a stall in front of a building on a corner which sells mock meats. If you've reached the turnoff towards Jui Tui Shrine you've gone too far. They have so many meats to choose from including three kinds of faux fish, my favourite.

Inside the building they have even more faux meats as well as curries and veggies and you can eat there or takeaway. We decided to eat there one lunchtime and we were all very impressed. I just noticed that mine and Nick's plates are almost exactly the same! Labels: street food , Thaialnd , vegan festival. Tuesday, 14 November Vegan in Wellington.

It was a super busy and bustling market with a great atmosphere and I was more than a little surprised at just how many vegan options there were. We started with dumplings from House of Dumplings and we chose two each because we knew we were going to do a lot of eating that evening.

Dessert was where I was able to sample their food as it's meant to be eaten and I tried the Black Doris Plum and Beetroot Custard Tart with house made rose ice cream whilst Nick went for the Reincarnated Chocolate Three Ways which consisted of a chocolate brownie, chocolate mousse, and cookie ice cream. We were none the wiser about the whole reincarnated thing as the waitress told us that it was an inside joke that even she wasn't in on.

This post was sponsored in part by Hitch Car Rentals. As always all words and opinions are my own. Posts like these help me to keep bringing you travel content from around the globe. Labels: convenience stores , New Zealand , Restaurant Review. Friday, 10 November Vegan Adventures in Shenzhen. When we were planning our travels from New Zealand to Thailand Nick and I certainly didn't intend to visit five countries in seven days but it happened.

It was tiring and brilliant and I'd totally do it all over again. We flew from Christchurch to Sydney and spent 24 hours there. Next we flew from Sydney to Hong Kong where we spent one night before taking the metro over the border into China to check out Shenzhen. We were there for three nights before taking the metro back to Hong Kong, spending a night there, and then flying on to Phuket for Thailand's vegetarian festival. Shenzhen was on my original must-visit list for China but it didn't fit in with our plans as it's just too far south to be a sensible stop on a loop from Beijing to Shanghai.

I couldn't stop thinking about how much I wanted to go though and when I realised that getting there from Hong Kong is really easy, you just take the metro, I was sold. Still, pretty simple as far as border crossings go but I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't tired of carrying my backpack when we arrived. We decided to stay by Laojie station in one of Shenzhen's major shopping destinations which is only two stops on the metro from Luohu so that final section was short and fast. As soon as we arrived we decided to get metro cards and I was very pleased to see that Shenzhen has the best metro cards anywhere in the world!

Hello Kitty surrounded by desserts?! Yes please.

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Me and Nick both chose this one despite the lady selling them trying to push some kinda Transformers card on Nick. Labels: China , Restaurant Review. Nick and I started our New Zealand road trip in the North Island and the first thing on our agenda was picking up our rental car from Hitch Car Rentals. This was a super straightforward process and we were whizzing all over the place in our Budget Hitch in no time. New Zealand is definitely a destination where you'll want your own wheels, even major cities like Auckland are challenging to navigate on public transport and they're sprawling so not everywhere you want to visit will be walkable.

A prime example of this is Tart Bakery which was our very first road trip destination. Our second stop was Moustache a super hipster cookie shop located on K Road. I was a little dubious about their vegan options as two of the three are gluten free but I bravely forged ahead and ordered one of each flavour. These cookies seriously exceeded my admittedly low expectations and reminded me that I need to step up my XGFX baking game.

I've eaten some epic gluten free baked goods in the past but I've also eaten a whole bunch of awful gf "treats" that would put people off of veganism altogether.

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Labels: adventure , ethics , New Zealand. Tuesday, 31 October Tart Bakery Auckland. I didn't know that they'd won the NZ Bakery of the year competition in - pretty epic for a vegan business! And I didn't know that they run on a business model that focusses on charitable giving. Tart's owners are very focussed on caring for animals and spreading the vegan message and one way that they do that is by working with someone who helps farmers convert grazing land into arable land for growing crops.

With the majority of New Zealand's countryside being covered in farms this is so necessary for the future of the planet and unless we can find ways to convince farmers that they can make money in other ways animal agriculture is going to take a long time to grind to a halt.

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Labels: ethics , New Zealand , Restaurant Review. Tepla are a Sussex based jewellery company who work with vegan, sustainable, and ethically made materials. Labels: ethics , giveaway. Monday, 23 October Vegan in New Zealand. New Zealand was an interesting travel experience for me. Mine and Nick's preferred travel style is to move slowly, to plan a little in advance but not too much, and to have the option to stick around somewhere if the mood takes us.


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We did a little of that, an extra night here, another night there, but with our travel budget New Zealand was not the place for that style of travel. If you're under 30 I would seriously recommend looking into working holiday visa's for NZ, Australia, and Canada. Anywhere that will allow you to work. If you don't have ties take these opportunities now because they won't be there forever. If, like me, you're a little older and unable to get the magical visa that lets you earn money whilst experiencing a new culture then you're going to want to plan, book ahead, and scope out deals online because New Zealand is expensive.

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  • Australia definitely takes the top spot in terms of pricy places to travel but NZ is a close second. One way that we cut back on costs was by renting a car and working with the great peep's at Hitch Car Rentals for the entirety of our North and South Island road trip. Labels: convenience stores , New Zealand. Thursday, 12 October Vegan Eats Sydney. This is probably going to be my final Sydney post and I've been putting off writing it because it means that my time in Australia is really over.