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LDFerguson Frequent Poster. Messages 4, Mrs F got a text message this morning from saying "call me noow ugeently".

Leave a Message and I’ll be Glad to Return your Call… Not!

She showed it to me and I did a quick spot of Googling. As suspected, it's a scam - presumably a premium-rate phone number you call back. See this thread on Boards. Messages I got the same text yesterday. Gerry Canning Frequent Poster.

किसी दूसरे फ़ोन की call और message डिटेल अपने फोन से कैसे चेक करें

Messages 2, MrEarl Frequent Poster. Messages 1, Gerry Canning said:. Find someone you've been wanting to play a trick on and use their phone to call back the international premium rate number.

Call me, maybe: The case for why phone calls are better than text messages – The DePaulia

You are not nice people to know!!!!! Happy Christmas. Sue Ellen Moderator. Messages 8, This is doing the rounds again, two members of the family got the same message yesterday and to-day. AgathaC Guest.

I got that text twice today, didn't notice it until just now. Mobile Number Verification Error.

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Additional Details Pricing This is a free service. No activation required, just enter the code and dial.

  1. Call me, maybe: The case for why phone calls are better than text messages - The DePaulia.
  2. lIntégrale Ramsès - Tomes I à IV (French Edition).
  3. as soon as you got this message call me vs as soon as you get this message call me.

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