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Carion, the Doctors man. Erostrato, fayned master and suter to Polynista. Pitrucio J Damon, father to Polinista. Nivola, and two other his servants. Psytiria, an olde hag in his house. Phylogano, a Scycilian gentleman, father to Erostrato. Lytio, his servant. Firrarisi, an Inkeeper of Firrara. The Comedie presented as it were in Firrara. Some per case will suppose we meane to occupie your eares with sophisticall handling of subtill Suppositions. But what? Let this then suffise. Scena i. Polynesia, the yong woman. You might as well have sayde, the windowes and the doores : do you not see howe they harken?

Well, you jest faire, but I would advise you take heede i I have bidden you a thousande 10 times beware : you will be spied one day talk- ing with Dulippo. The whole action passes in the street before the boose of Damon and that of his neighbour, Erostrato : it occupies only a few hours, shortly before, and immediately after, dinner-time. I Balia, In the quarto the name of the first speaker in each scene is not given, being identical with that of the first person mentioned in the stage-directions.


And whji should I not talke with Du- lippo, as well as with any other, I pray you? I have given you a wherfore for this why 15 ma;iy times : but go too, followe your owne ad- vise till you overwhelme us all with soden mis- happe. A great mishappe, I promise you : marie, Gods blessing on their heart that sette suche a 20 brouche on my cappe! Ba, Well, looke well about you : a man would thinke it were inough for you secretly to rejoyce, that by my helpe you have passed so many pleas- ant nightes togither : and yet by my trouth I do 25 it more than halfe agaynst my will, for I would rather you had setled your fansie in some noble familie ; yea, and it is no small griefe unto me that rejecting the suites of so many nobles and gentlemen you have chosen for your darling a 30 poore servaunt of your fathers, by whome shame and infamie is the best dower you can looke for to attayne.

Po, And, I pray you, whome may I thanke but gentle Nourse? I can not denie but at the beginning I did recommende him unto you as in deede I may say that for my selfe I have a pitiful heart , seeing the depth of his unbridled affection, and that continually he never ceassed to fill mine 45 cares with lamentable complaynts.

Nay, rather that he filled your pursse with bribes and rewards, Nourse. Well, you may judge of Nourse as you liste. In deede I have thought it alwayes a deede 50 of charitie to helpe the miserable yong men, whose tender youth consumeth with the furious flames of love. But, be you sure, if I had thought you would have passed to the termes you nowe stand in, pitie nor pencion, peny nor pater noster, 55 shoulde ever have made Nurse once to open hir mouth in the cause.

And have I these thanks for my good wil?

Nay, rather, the author of my good happe gentle Nourse , for I would thou knewest I love 48 Nourse, Qi omits. Hazlitt, Now. Then I am glad you have changed your minde yet. Nay, I neither have changed, nor will change it. Then I understande you not : how sayde 75 you? Po, Mary, I say that I love not Dulipo, nor any suche as he, and yet I neither have changed nor wil change my minde. Ba, I can not tell; you lovd to lye with 80 Dulipo very well.

This geare is Greeke to me ; either it hangs not well togither, or I am very dull of understanding: speake plaine, I pray you. Po, I can speake no plainer, I have sworne to 85 the contrary. I am sure it is but a trifle in comparison of those things wherof heretofore you have made me privie. I promise you of my honestie ; say on. How Erostrato? Holde thy talking, Nourse, and harken to me, that I may explane the whole case unto thee. And to the end he might the more commodiously bothe see me and talke with me, he exchanged The first supose.

Thig one was omitted from Q3, obviously by oversight. Are there no other Sicylians heere : nor none that passe this way which may discover 13 them? That is a pollicie devised betweene them, Nay, sy r, heere were Polynesta and hir nourse. Cle, Was my Polynesta heere? I knewe 5 hir not. He muste have better eyesight that shoulde marry your Polynesta, or else he may chaunce to oversee the best poynt in his tables sometimes.

How can it be otherwise? I am fiftie yeres olde. He telles ten lesse than he is. What sayst thou of ten lesse? I saye I woulde have thoughte you tenne lesse ; you looke like one of sixe and thirtie, or seven and thirtie at the moste. I am no lesse than I tell. You are like inough too live fiftie more : shewe me your hande.

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Why, is Pasiphilo a chiromancer? What is not Pasiphilo? I pray you shewe mee it a little. Here it is. O how straight and infracte is this line of life!

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Thou wouldest say, Methusalem. Why, is it not all one? I perceive you are no very good Bibler, Pasiphilo.

Tear Avenger

Yes, sir, an excellent good Bibbeler, specially in a bottle. Oh, what a mounte of 40 Venus here is! Q3, perfect. Q3, mouth. You shal do me great pleasure : but tell 45 me, I pray thee, Pasiphilo, whome doste thou thinke Polynesta liketh better, Erostrato or me? Why you, out of doubt : she is a gentle- woman of a noble minde, and maketh greater 50 accompte of the reputation she shall have in marrying your worship, than that poore scholer whose birthe and parentage God knoweth, and very fewe else.

Yet he taketh it upon him bravely in 55 this countrey.

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Yea, where no man knoweth the con- trarie ; but let him brave it, host his birth, and do what he can : the vertue and knowledge that is within this body of yours is worth more than 60 all the countrey he came from. Yea, mary, this is the righte knowledge : philosophie, poetrie, logike, and all the rest, are but pickling sciences in comparison to this. But pyckling in deede, whereof we have a verse : 75 The trade oflaive doth Jill the boystrous haggety Tbey stvimme in silke, 'when others rqyst in ragges.

O excellent verse ; who made it? Sure, who soever wrote it,, the morall is excellent, and worthy to be written in letters of golde. But to the purpose : I thinke you shall never recover the wealth that you loste at Otranto. I thinke I have dubled it, or rather An other made it foure times as muche : but, in deed, suposc. I lost mine only sonne there, a childe of five yeres olde. O, great pitie! Yea, I had rather have lost al the goods in the world. Alas, alas!

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I know not whether he were slayne, or 95 91 bante, Qi omits. Q3, geaaon. Alas, I could weepe for compassion, but there is no remedy but patience ; you shall get many by this yong damsell with the grace of God. Yea, if I get hir.

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Get hir? Whose welth, whose vertue, whose skill, or whose estimation can he com- pare to yours in this citie? And hast thou not tolde him that I would make his daughter a dower of two thousand du cates? Why, even now; I came but from thence since. What said he? Nothing, but that Erostrato had profered the like. Thinke you I did not tell him so? Cle, Well, gentle Pasiphilo, go thy wayes and tell Damon I require nothing but his daugh- ter: I wil none of his goods: I shal enrich hir of mine owne : and if this dower of two thou- sand ducates seem not sufficient, I wil make it five hundreth more, yea a thousand, or what so ever he wil demaund rather then faile.