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Really warming up your shoulder muscles, inhale, forward. Exhale as we come down. Exhale, take it back. Now from here, bend your knees lots. Look at your hands and step or jump your feet to the front of your mat. Just let your body hang here for a second. Relax your shoulders. Relax your neck. Relax your jaw. Knees nice and soft, so you can feel a release through your lower spine. If it feels good, you can take hold of your forearms.

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Just allow your body to hang a little more. Gently rock from side to side. Well done, now release your hands. Take your feet a little wider. Feet hip-distance apart. Lift your toes, grounding your feet into the floor. If it feels good, place your hands actually on your feet and just feel all four corners Spread your toes.

Place them down on your mat. OK, inhale. Arms come wide and up above your head. Breathing in.

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Deep, expansive breath. Exhale, fingertips touch and hands come to heart centre. Look to your fingertips. And press your thumbs into your sternum.

By looking at our hands, again, this really calms our nervous system. Inhale, arms come up above our head. Exhale, hinge from your hips and fold to the floor. That's it, let it go here.

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OK, fingertips come to your shins as we lengthen through our spine. Our entire spine. Grow through the crown of your head. Exhale, come back down. Knees soften. Shake your head yes and no. Get rid of all of that unwanted tension. And again, inhale, arms come up above our heads. Good, fingertips touch. Exhale, hands come to heart centre. Look to your fingertips, press your thumbs into your sternum.

Inhale, arms come up. Exhale, fold to the floor. Now, from here, place your hands on the floor and take one leg back Drop your back knee onto the floor, relax your toes. Take your hand that's the same as the foot that's forward and place it on your calf just underneath your knee. Now, if you can, push forward through that front leg.

It's really important that your knee is directly above your ankle. Now, if it feels good here, tuck your toes and come into a full lunge. We're giving ourselves an assisted stretch. You want to push forward through your calf and back through your heel.

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Breathing into those hips. This should feel really nice. Back knee comes down. Relax your toes. Give me a twist. We're going to twist towards the front leg. Now circle that arm that's lifted away from you and then back down to your mat. Tuck your back toes and then take it back to a down dog. Can we go through the vinyasa with the flow.

Inhale, coming forward. Exhale, come down.

Inhale, come up. Exhale, tuck your toes and take it back. OK, lots of knee bend. Look to your hands and then bring the other foot forward. Help it through with your hand if you need to.

Back knee drops. That's it, relax your toes. And again, hand comes to calf. Pushing forward, through. That should feel really nice.